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Digital Tilt Meter 3.0

Tiltmeters used in monitoring applications offer valuable data regarding deviations from the vertical orientation, whether they are situated in the ground, on or within structures. These devices play a crucial role as sensors for tracking variations, shifts, and discrepancies in inclinations and displacements of slopes or structure. Our digital tilt meter offers a conveniently packaged feature set not found anywhere else, and precision that competes with no other tilt sensors on the market. Our rugged custom-colored remote sensors, featuring an IP67 rating, can be safely left outdoors in harsh conditions for extended periods. They do not require disassembly or lid removal for servicing or programming, significantly minimizing the risk of internal water damage.




On board storage – With over a gigabyte of flash memory, there’s no need for a data-logger or to worry about lost measurements in the event of a network failure. Each tilt sensor has enough storage space to conceivably retain its entire lifetime’s worth of measurements.



Flexible connectivity – Whether transmitting measurements, accessing stored data or configuring the unit for a new installation, our sensors have a plethora of connection options including Bluetooth, LoRa, WiFi, or wired USB C.



Reliable Power – Our units are powered by application specific, rechargeable LiFePo4 battery packs that can last years on a single charge, which eliminate the need to open your sensor to replace expensive Li-SOCl2 cells between jobs. This simultaneously reduces operating costs and likelihood of compromising the unit’s IP67 rating.

Key Applications







key performance features

Measurement Range

360°, Pitch and Roll

Reporting Precision



~2gb onboard flash memory buffer (75,000+ measurements)

Configuration & Data Recovery

Possible through Wifi, Bluetooth, LoRa and wired USB C connections

LoRa Radio Range

1km (internal antenna, city environment) up to 10km (external antenna, line of sight to receiver)


Data retrievable & accessible through mobile app/web

The Technology

Range & Power

The DG3 has the ability to send data over LoRa to a gateway located at distances of up to 10 km/6 miles. Furthermore, it boasts exceptional energy efficiency and durability, allowing it to function unattended for several years by solely relying on its rechargeable internal batteries & solar solutions.

Lora technology

LoRa technology has gained popularity in various IoT applications, including smart agriculture, smart cities, industrial monitoring, asset tracking, and environmental sensing. It provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for connecting a multitude of IoT devices over long distances, making it a compelling choice for IoT deployments where extended range and low power consumption are critical.

LifeP04 Battery

Long Cycle Life: LiFePO4 batteries typically offer a longer cycle life compared to other lithium-ion batteries. They can endure a high number of charge and discharge cycles, often exceeding 2000 cycles while maintaining a reasonable capacity.

LiFePO4 batteries are recognized for their safety, longevity, and stable performance, making them a popular choice in industries where reliability and durability are paramount. They have become a preferred energy storage solution for many emerging technologies and sustainable energy applications.

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Want to
talk to a representative?

Fill out our contact form and let’s start the conversation.